Resistance is futile!

….and My Story Runs On….

Do you ever have one of those days (or runs) where it seems nothing goes right?  I had one of those yesterday morning as I was teaching a ChiRunning workshop. As a matter of fact, one of the participants, sent me this email after class:

Thank you for a great class today….watching you respond from all of your negative chi this morning was entertaining, you handled every situation with ease and I look forward to using your principles from your chirunning class this morning to achieve my goal on December 8th so that I will finish my first marathon with my daughter! So you know, my first phone call after your class was to my daughter telling her about my positive experience at your class this morning.” Kris W
It started out with me forgetting my “connector thingy” that I use to show the video analysis from my IPad to my flat screen TV.  Then, we were interrupted and all 10 people had to move from one classroom to another one….then, we almost got ran over in the parking lot…then we got interrupted again because my class was running late…..
What did I learn from my meditation practice and ChiRunning that I could apply here?
You got it:  Resistance is Futile!
Resistance, negative energy, friction,  whatever you want to call it, can mess up your day or run.  By being self-aware of these when they are happening to you, you can make a choice on how to handle it.  I used to quickly react to things when they happened to me which made the situation even worst.  Now, I think about it and make a choice to roll with the punches…responding vs reacting….which is what I did yesterday…..
When I realized I forgot my connector thingy, I just had all 10 people circle around me as I showed them their video analysis.  (thankfully I have an awesome boyfriend who brought it to me so I could do the last video taping the proper way)….when we were interrupted the first time, I just said “No worries, let’s all grab our stuff and move”….etc
I found this to be a great way to lead by example and teach my class participants how to apply some of the ChiLiving principles to every day life.  I could’ve been frazzled and freaking out (the old me would’ve been!) but I didn’t realize how well I handled it until I received Kris’s email.

From My Running Story to Yours….

Have you ever had a bad run or bad day and handled it well?  What did you do?

(if you feel inspired to share your comments, do so below…I want to hear your story too!)

Keep Calm Resistance is Futile

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  1. You just keep truckin’ through the bad experience and when it’s over, go do something that makes you happy. You just have to be composed, as you were, and work with what you have at the time.

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