Tutu or not toTutu, that is the question….

….and My Story Runs On….

I wasn’t planning on blogging today because I have a million other things to do but because this is getting so much publicity on facebook, I felt the need to say a few things.  Remember, the reason why I started this blog is because everyone has their own running story and you should never compare yourself to what any other runner is doing.

On that note, have you read about this?  I normally don’t get worked up about these things but this really irked me today.  Self used this photo for their magazine but not in the way one would expect from a magazine that promotes health, wellness and self esteem for women.  I’m copy/pasting what Glam Runner posted on their facebook page today in regards to this photo:


“The real story behind this photo is that Tara and Monika, pictured here, are board members for Girls on the Run San Diego. They founded Glam Runner, a business that sells running tutus, to raise funds for the council. They are dedicated to helping grow the program in their community. The real story behind this photo is that the awesome duo were running the LA Marathon while Monika was receiving chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer.

One of our core values is to stand up for yourself and others, so we are standing up for Tara and Monika, as well as every other runner who has finished a race feeling awesome in a tutu.”

Self Magazine editor-in-chief, Lucy Danziger, just submitted a public apology about an hour ago.

But seriously Lucy…why would you even consider having a piece on your magazine that is making fun of anyone running?  Aren’t you supposed to be encouraging women to be fit and healthy?  Aren’t you trying to help women improve their self-esteem?  Aren’t you supposed to encourage women to give back to charity?

Apology or not, I think you’ve ticked off a lot of people that won’t be buying or subscribing to your magazine.

Personally, I’ve never ran a race in a tutu but for no other reason than I just haven’t.

I don’t care how you decide to run a race: wear a tutu, wear bunny ears, wear a Super Hero costume, whatever…if you are out there running a race, getting healthy and fit with your friends and more than likely supporting a charity with that race, MORE POWER TO YOU!

It’s Your Running Story and you get to write it however you want!


From My Running Story to Yours….
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  1. That’s not an apology- that’s just saying ‘Oops, we shouldn’t have done that, sorry…’ They NEED to take that +BS Meter page out of their magazine- it’s just wrong to try and say what ‘is or isn’t lame’ when trying to be healthy and running or any other sport. They need to fire whomever wrote it and approved it to be published. Let them try and take a stab at Triathletes- we swim/bike/run for fun and are crazy… So worked up about this! And I am not done fighting yet… Diane

    • Totally agree! I can’t even believe they have that page and why would they even ever make fun of anyone doing something healthy for themselves when that’s what the magazine is supposed to be about…nice try with the apology, donation to their charity and promising them a spot in their magazine…the comments on their facebook page are through the roof…wander how long she’ll have that job?

      • I’m not done with this either- I already sent this to HLN and will be sending it further- they need to take that dam page out! It’s just so horrible- we all promote being active and healthy no matter what you look like or wear- nothing is ‘Lame’. They have no right to judge. Although I don’t run in a tutu, I talked to some gals and we are thinking of running WHM in Nov in tutu’s in support of all women getting out there and being the ‘awesome’ ladies they are! We should try to get all runners in tutus. Thinking of turning it into a fundraiser/making tutu’s for our local Girls on the Run…. got any contacts?

  2. I love my green tutu :). Got nothing but positive feedback at the Irish run and also RFB when I wore it :). I hate running snobbery in all it’s forms. What is wrong with having some fun!

  3. How many people that are unable to run due to medical/physical challenges would give anything to be healthy enough to run in a tutu or whatever else they want….quite a few I’m sure!!!’ Shame on SELF magazine!!!

  4. Yes, if wearing a tutu or a fake moustache or an Elvis costume is your thing to make you keep you physically active, by all means go for it!! Wearing a tutu won’t make you a faster runner in of itself but if doing this is uplifting to you, and running is 50% mental, it just might work. I do take offense with your comment. Highly sexist view of freedom of the press to be positive OR negative in expressing an opinion.

    • Highly sexist view in my comment? Not sure which comment you are talking about. I am all for freedom of speech! Not sure you clicked on all the links and found out the facts before commenting. This was not a sexist issue at all. When you ask someone if they can use their photo, don’t tell them why and then bash them for something they are wearing, that’s unprofessional and disrespectful. This was a HUGE mistake on their part because this topic was trending for a few days and has created quite a stir in the running community. I’m not alone in being upset at how they chose to use their freedom of speech. If a women’s magazine wants to bash women for wearing tutus when they run when they are supposed to be inspiring us to live healthy lifestyles, what’s the point?

      • “I know! Can’t believe a women’s magazine would mock any other women! ”

        If you actually read my reply you see that I totally agree with you on the issue but to state that a female writer for a publication that publishes material of interest to women cannot express a negative opinion because she’s a woman or it’s a “women’s magazine” is as offensive to me as are those men who told Hillary she should be doing women’s work” like “baking cookies and taking care of her man” instead of running for President. Man or woman, like them or not, we all have the right to express our opinions. You need to think before making some of your comments.

          • We are frequently on the same page but you can’t see this because you can’t handle opposing views in your perfect world. Maybe you should call this a ‘testimonial page” instead of a blog because that’s all you really want to hear, but not to worry, I’m really wasting my time on this and will do so no more

          • Promise? 😉
            I have NO problem with opposing views….I’ve actually had some friends ask me who the negative guy on my blog is….if I had a problem with your comments I wouldn’t approve them and trust me, a few times it was a close call….but I want people to know that I accept all opinions….you’re choice to comment or not to comment..

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