You’re doing what at 69 years old?

….and My Story Runs On….

If you know me, you know that I LOVE LOVE when “older” people are doing amazing things when it comes to fitness and running. Too many people think it’s too late or just give up on themselves because of their age…and I always say it’s never too late!

Or as one of my oldest ChiRunning students, Richard “Doc” Gooding from Strategic Advantage, told me this morning “You’re as old as you think you are.” …. and that’s the truth!

You may remember his last testimonial that I posted on my blog on 10/13, Testimonial from a 68 year old Triathlete.

Well a few weeks ago, I was thinking about him and sent him an email to see how things were going. After I received his response, I invited him to join me on a trail run this morning.  As always, I’m so inspired by him….not just because of his age but I forgot that he had a pacemaker!  He actually had to ask his Doctor to change it because I guess most doctors don’t assume their patients are athletes and it was limiting his abilities.  Here was his email to me on 4/28/14:

“Things have been going really well. Here is the record…

Sept 2013 Lifetime Triathlon – came in 1st in my age group (65-69) beat second place by 45 min. Run pace 11:41 for 5K.

 Nov 2013 Phoenix 10K – Run pace 10:29 (time 1:05)

 April  2104 Lifetime Triathlon – came in 1st in age group (70-74) beat second place by 35 min. Run pace 11:29 for 5k.

 April 2014 Pat’s Run – Run pace 10:30 (time 43:10) beat my 2013 time by 9 MINUTES! (and by the way, he raised $3000 for this event as well!)
 So, things are going well…getting stronger and faster…and most importantly…injury free!”
I mean take a look at the guy, does he even look like he’s 69 years old?  Fountain of youth?  Well, exercise is known to slow down the aging process….physically and  mentally 😉 He was even able to get off his blood pressure medication because of his lifestyle…and keep in mind he’s lost 30 lbs since I met him too!
Doc and I
Life is short so don’t let your age stop you. Everyone has to start somewhere and even if it’s baby steps along the way, as Doc said to me today ‘I’d rather die on a trail doing what I love to do than die on the couch watching TV.”
From My Running Story to Yours….

(if you feel inspired to share your comments, do so below…I want to hear your story too!)

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  1. I remember this guy at the PHX 10K. Beat me by 10 sec but I started way back having to get to the start line late after finishing the 5K and ran on the chip, so never saw him. Pity, would have been quite the “geezer” battle. Hey, Doc! How about you and me going head to head in the “double dip” next year. You’ll kick my butt because I’m slowing with injuries but you can be my “rabbit”. I’m sure Doc is with me on this: I’m 67, look 67 and am damn proud of it! Carry on my friend!

  2. I love the ending quote, “‘I’d rather die on a trail doing what I love to do than die on the couch watching TV.” I totally agree!!
    Good for Doc! I think it’s great that he keeps running and doesn’t let his age stop him! I know that I want to be still running races too when I’m 60, 70, 80+, lol!

  3. This is my dad. He is also personally responsible for getting me back into running. Seeing him do it made me realize that having 2 kids and being busy was just an excuse I was giving myself. As a result, I am currently training for a half marathon in November! He is the biggest motivator for me and I couldn’t be more blessed.

    • Nice to virtually meet you Jessica! He is an inspiration for sure! Love that you are training for a half marathon now 😉 My dad is 71 and is also a big motivator for me…he’s not a runner but works out almost daily 😉 By the way, not sure if this is your first half or not but I have a team for the Women’s Half Marathon called The Running University if you want to join us. You can use code GLAMPOZZ for a $10 discount. I also have a few free clinics for first time half marathoners coming up

      • I’m sworn to silence on this blog but it would be great to hear some comments from the 60+ runners out there about how they feel about all this adulation. There must be some of you out there who read this, c’mon, chime in!

        • I love to hear from you Marty and you are not sworn to silence! 😉 I agree though, would love to hear from more peeps…although still working on getting more followers 😉

          • Just a brief word. When I race, lots of people out there seen to feel the need to “motivate” me. You all mean well, but most of us old-timers, guys and gals, have been at it a long, long time. Our skills may have diminished but we know our limitations and we just want to compete in our time peer groups. We’re not “amazing”, we’re just trying to be competitive. We are survivors. When you pass me in a race – and you should if you’re in your 20’s and 30’s – be as supportive as I am for you when I pass you, but you don’t have to over-emote. Hey! be angry and strive to do better so you won’t be beaten by an “old guy”. I surely need the competition! One final thing. If you’re in the 20-30 group and you’re running with me at my 12 minute pace, I’m not your “inspiration”. That should be the person your same age who passed you earlier and is now 2 minutes ahead of you!!

            OK, Lisa, I’ll go quietly! Now you can put me back on the ‘do not respond’ list.

            (ps: “Just a “brief word”? GOTCHA!!)

          • Haven’t logged in recently and just noticed your comment. No need to go quietly and I’m not putting you on a do not respond list. You know I always love hearing your side of things.
            Appreciate your comment above…I think when so many of us are exposed to “older” people who are not doing what you are doing and wasting away, we can really appreciate those of you that are out there doing it. So like it or not, you are an inspiration 😉

      • Thanks! I was looking into that one but I’m concerned that with the heat coming my training is going to be mostly cross training and then November will sneak up fast. I’m thinking I’m going to plan to be more than ready for PF Changs. I would love to go to clinic.

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