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….and My Story Runs On….

One of the reasons I love ChiWalking is because it provide’s a matrix with 12 types of walk.  Depending on what energy you need in your life on that particular day, you pick a specific walk to fulfill those needs.  How fun to add some variety to your walking program!


Here are some tips on the Chi Gathering Walk:

  • The most ideal place to do a Chi Gathering walk is out in nature, as far away from civilization as you possible. The purpose is to use all your senses to help in this process and you want as few distractions as possible. The Chi in nature is the purest and best form to gather and it’s the most abundant and powerful.


  • Set aside a few hours to really go out, let go of all tasks and enjoy nature.
  • If you are familiar with the Grounding and Chi Gathering stances from Tai Chi, start with these (not a requirement but will help set the intention to gather Chi)
  • As you walk, be aware of all your senses working one at a time. Cycle through your senses individually at first and then allow an awareness of all of them to work together. Let your eyes watch in all dimensions (nature up close and further away)
  • Pretend you have eyes in your chest and think about taking in nature and it’s Chi as you inhale.
  • Spend as much time walking, stopping, watching, relaxing and just indulging on all the nature around you.

As you finish your walk, feel the extra energy you gathered and bring it with you into the rest of your day!


From My Running Story to Yours….
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