Win money while losing weight?! (or maintaining)

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It’s been awhile since I’ve promoted Krowdfit…mainly because I wasn’t really crazy about the Body Media device they used AND because you had to download your info every night rather than it being blue tooth and giving immediate feedback…

WELL THAT HAS ALL CHANGED and it couldn’t be easier now to be a member.  As I’ve stated before, there are no gimmicks to this.  I won $5000 last year (read that blog post or watch my 1 min video keeping in mind this was with the old Body Media device) and half the people on my team have won anywhere from $75-$250 for sleeping, taking steps and logging their food.

Basically it’s a membership site and if you are already doing these things with a Fitbit or Jawbone (or want to), you might as well pay the membership fee since it could win you money.  You will get sweepstakes entries for doing specific things. Instead of me sharing these details, click here to find out more…trust me, it’s worth at least checking it out.

As a fitness trainer, I’ve been approached by so many people with these multi level marketing companies that have products that are supposed to help you lose weight: from Isagenix to some type of chocolate that’s supposed to help you lose weight. I have no issue with the “pyramid” system SO LONG  as the product does what it says it does. THIS IS THE ONLY product that I’ve found to be true.  There is no magic potion or chocolate to help you lose weight: it boils down to eating less, and sleeping and moving more…..and Krowdfit encourages this behavior via the devices they use.

I just got my Jawbone UP24 and LOVE IT!  I can’t believe how much feedback it gives me immediately.

If you already own a Fitbit or Jawbone, it’s only $12.99 a month! (I’d give up 3 Starbucks coffees for the money and the extra calories!)  That’s totally worth trying to meet all my daily food and fitness goals…with some of them, the more you do, the more entries you get!

If you don’t have one of these devices, you can purchase one and pay it as part of your monthly membership.

Yes, I am a KREW member and I’m not trying to hide that this is a wee bit of passive income for me but that’s not why I’m doing it…I TRULY BELIEVE IN THESE DEVICES AND THIS IDEA OF BEING MOTIVATED TO WIN MONEY.  I don’t gamble because I work too hard for my money but knowing there is a way that I can do healthy things daily to lose weight (or maintain and keep me on track) and possibly win money for it…SIGN ME UP!  I do have a secret facebook page for my Krew members and they do get fitness/health advice from me as well. (By the way,  If you think you can get 6 people to join you, you should sign up as a KREW member (once you get 6 people, your $22.99 membership is free))

If you decide to join my team, please make sure to click here to sign up and be on my team.  Make sure to also send me an email at so I can be sure you are on my team!

I can also sync my Jawbone phone app with Fitness Pal (where I track my food) and there are several other apps you can sync with so you don’t have to do double duty!)

Here are just a few images from my Jawbone from yesterday and today:


I was so tempted to go walk outside last night to get to my 10,000 steps in but didn’t ;( but that’s how motivating this can be!


Love all this date I get from my sleep patterns!


Here are the emails that I saved when I won and some of my team members:

Lisa wins for completing vigorous activity!

Lisa wins for completing vigorous activity!

Amy wins for sleeping 8 hours!

Amy wins for sleeping 8 hours!

Anita wins for sleeping 8 hours!

Anita wins for sleeping 8 hours!


From My Running Story to Yours….
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