Alumni Sessions for ChiRunners

Alumni are ChiRunners who have completed the 4-Hour ChiRunning or ChiWalk-Run workshop with any Instructor OR completed ChiRunning Level I and II or ChiWalking Lite + 2 ChiWalking classes

Class descriptions thaare below the calendar or you can read them by clicking on the titles in the calendar:

ChiRun with Lisa: These are my technique training runs. I will be working on something specific (hills, cadence, etc) and invite you to join me. I will not be teaching but coaching so you can deepen your practice with me (ex. If I’m doing hills, ChiHills is a prerequisite). I normally review relative ChiSchool videos and audios before my technique runs and work on deepening those specific form focuses.  Each session I’ll be working on different things.  To find out what I’m working on, look at the event details in the calendar above.
Click here to reserve your spot! 
Max 3 people. $15 a person

ChiWalkHikeRun with You: I will ChiRun or ChiWalk or ChiHike with you and coach you during this time at a location by me (Dobson/Guadalupe) or my choosing.
Price increases if you want me to come to you. (varies by location)
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30 minutes for $30
(60 minutes for $50-See Private sessions below)

ChiRunning Online Coaching for Alumni–Event Training or Muscle Memory Training
You will receive a custom training plan in 2-3 week blocks via Final Surge​ based on your personal schedule.  Your custom plan will include:

  • ChiRunning Form Focuses for each run
  • Strength Training Routine
  • Stretching Routine
  • Running workouts (speed, hills, etc) with mileage building up to your event
  • Unlimited online communication (email, phone, text) including race strategy, etc

(10% discount if you pay training cycle in full. If it’s a 3 month training plan,  total is $267 rather than $297)​

While you are one of my Online Coaching clients you will receive the following discounts:
Track/Running Camp (Women Only): 20% off
ChiRun with Lisa and ChiRunWalkHike with You: 2 for 1 (see above).
Limited spots available. Please email me at to check on availability.

ChiRunning/ChiWalking Online Video Analysis
The video does not lie! There is a love/hate relationship with video analysis but it’s the best way to see exactly how your body is moving and figure out what you need to do to improve your running or walking technique.  You will send me a video online, I will review it on Coach’s Eye , and then send it back to you with specific feedback on your running or walking form.  You will have a video copy of your running analysis with my voiceover comments. Email me at and click on one of the links below to pay.
(Alumni $25)
Click here to get directions on how to complete your video analysis.

ChiHills: This will be an instructional class as well as a workout. Eliminate the strain and struggle that can come with running hills. Conserve energy, prevent injury, and enjoy the views from the top pain-free!

  • Use less leg muscle and make uphill running easier (don’t use your calves!)
  • Run downhill with less impact while gaining speed
  • Prevent injury and over-exertion
  • Apply special techniques to steep hills

I PRd my marathon in Sedona because of my hill strategy. Actually shaved about 20 minutes!
When: TBD
Where: Evelyn Hallman Park

$25 if paid in advance (click on link to pay)  You will be taken to my appointment calendar to reserve your spot and pay.
$30 drop in if spot available
(Min 3 people, Max 10)

ChiRefresher with Video Analysis:  During this 2 hour session, I will video tape participants.  We will review the video together and see which areas require attention. After the video, we will spend the rest of the time (at least 60 minutes) reviewing the issues that came up in the video and applying them while running.  Limited space for 6 people
When: 9/17/17 SOLD OUT
Where: Dobson High Track
$30 in advance, $35 drop in if spots available
Reserve your spot and pay here

(6 person limit)

Private Sessions for Alumni

Single session:  $50/hr
(if you meet me at my location, add $25 for 30 min of drive time to meet you) Click here to schedule your appointment
Four sessions in a month: $160 total (20% off)
(if you meet me at my location, add $25 for 30 min of drive time to meet you) Click here to schedule your appointment
If your desired appointment time is not available, please email me at to schedule.