About ChiWalking®

Chi Walking® will help you:

  • improve your posture
  • strengthen crucial core muscles
  • relax tight and overused muscles
  • gain cardio and aerobic conditioning

Whether you are a fitness walker already, want to manage or release weight, are rehabilitating after illness or injury, or have signed up for a walking event and want support, Chi Walking will help you reach your personal goals, including looking and feeling better than ever.

The Chi Walking technique emphasizes the proper biomechanics of walking including: good  posture, loose joints, engaging one’s core muscles, and relaxing the peripheral muscles of the arms and legs. This approach makes walking easier on the body and helps improve and eliminate the aches, pains and discomfort of walking incorrectly.

The Five Mindful Steps are used throughout the book and program to reinforce the body-mind component inherent in each step.

The Chi Walking program offers 12 different types of walks to create a balanced and exciting health program. The “menu” of walks includes: a Cardio Walk, an Aerobic Walk, a Flexibility Walk, a Loosening Walk, a Focusing Walk, an Energizing Walk, a Walking Meditation and more. The walks are presented in the Chi Walking book in a detailed and understandable way, then summarized in an easy to read matrix which shows the key benefits of each walk.  I offer these walks for Alumni once they’ve taken my ChiWalking workshops.

Since walking is such a basic, every day movement, when your walking form is improved, the benefits are far reaching.

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