Ladies Training Program: Punisher Night Runs

Ladies 8-Week Technique Based Training Program
Punisher Night Runs with Aravaipa Running
5K, 10K or 30K

Who is this program for?  This might be your first 5K or 10K on trail and/or at night time!  You are either a beginner runner or want to be a runner and consider yourself an underdog:  you’ll surely be too slow, or you are too old or too overweight to do a night trail race…I call BULLS*%T! (You will have 5.5 hours to finish the race which is PLENTY of time!) Especially after this training program!

If you are a more experienced runner, this might be your first trail or night trail, or you might want to find out what it’s like to work with a coach and supportive group of friends and see how it can improve your entire training and race experience.  You also might be a runner that was injured and want to get back to running safely under the guidance of a coach.

This is a comprehensive training plan that will get you to start line strong and healthy mentally and physically! From the strength training workouts, stretching, to your customized online training program.  The goal is to have fun and complete your training and the race with no injuries!

Training programs starts on Monday 9/25/17 and is limited to 15 women (1 spot left!).

Here is what you get:

  • Kickoff Party Sole Sports Tempe Shopping Day with 15% discount.  Meet & Greet, orientation and overview of the training program. Sunday September 17th from 1-2pm
    Value: 15% off! 
  • 4-Hour ChiRunning Workshop (or 2–Hour Refresher for Alumni)  You will learn proper running technique including posture, foot placement, arm swing, stride length, cadence.  Class includes video analysis of your current running form to learn to be as efficient as possible and less prone to injury. Technique makes a huge difference! Sunday 9/24 from 7-11am or Sunday 9/24 from 5-7pm (Alumni-ChiRefresher)
    Value: $135 (4 hour) $25 (ChiRefresher)
    (If you cannot attend these dates, you can attend another scheduled workshop/refresher)
  • Race Entry for Punisher Night Runs 5K, 10K, 30K Perfect for your first 5K or 10K.  If interested in the 30K, you should be running 12-15 miles a week when program starts.
    Value: $37-$53
  • Online Coaching via Final Surge I will customize the 8 week training plan to fit your work/workout schedule with UNLIMITED coaching support.
    Value: $199 ($99/month X 2 months)
  • 8 Group Training Events We will meet weekly for more challenging workouts (options include speed & hill workouts, long runs). If you cannot attend these, you are welcome to attend one of my track or running camp workouts weekly This will include running the race course during the day and night. Dates: Wed 9/27 from 6-7pm,  Wed 10/4 from 6-7pm, Sat 10/14 at 6:30 am, Sat 10/21 at 6:30am (breakfast & social after), Wed 10/25 6-7pm, Sat 11/4 6pm (night trail run on course), Wed 11/8 6-7pm, Wed 11/15 6-7pm.  Evening workouts will be in Tempe in the Papago Park area.  Saturday workouts will be in the same location with two of them on the course at Usery Pass Regional Park. (times subject to change based on consensus of group)
    Value: $80 (8 Workouts x $10/workout) including technique coaching!
  • Strength Training Workouts You will receive 2 different workouts for each month specific for runners.  These will include videos of how to perform the exercises in good form.
    Value: $50 Value: $50 ($25/mo x 2 months)
  • Foam Rolling/Stretching Workout For Runners You will receive a few different  options for your stretching routine depending on our needs. These will include videos of how to perform the exercises in good form.
    Value: $50 Value: $50 ($25/mo x 2 months)
  • The Running University Shirt or Tank Top
    Value $20
  • Facebook Support Group a place to ask questions, share experiences and motivation as you are training
  • Weekly Motivational Emails Every Sunday you will receive an email with training and motivational tips for the upcoming week
  • Mid Program Social Event Get together after a weekly workout mid program (due to the camaraderie that will happen this may happen more than once!) Saturday 10/21 after workout

Program Value: $568  Program Cost:  $349
Click here to pay and reserve your spot!

For ChiRunners (option to take refresher rather than full workshop): Program Value:  $458 Program Cost: $249
Click here to pay and reserve your spot!

Here is what Rachel said about the Crown King program:

“Thank you to all of the ladies in this group for this incredible experience! Yesterday, I ran way better than I thought I would for a 50k. I never even thought I would run farther than a half marathon in November, and was even thinking about quitting running all together. I would have never been able to run the way I did yesterday without each one of your help. Lisa Pozzoni, you are an amazing coach, you are so supportive while also pushing us to do our best. Your training plans were challenging, but doable, and the accountability helped me get from an out-of-shape beginner to the ultra runner I am today. There is no way I could have done this without your incredible coaching skills. You are also a great friend, and I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into this program.”

Women’s Crownk Training Program ..most of them all did their first 50K!

Women’s Big Pine Training Program in June 2017