KrowdFit: You Sweat, We Pay

Since I sent the email below to my Get Fit members on 3/21,  I’ve had a few questions that I’m going to answer here.  Please check out the KrowdFit website because there is a lot of information there.
Bottom line, you pay a $19.99 monthly membership fee (annual contract with a 30 day money back) that includes a Body Media Fit (similar to the one used by the Biggest Loser).
I’ve included a screen shot (hit CTRL and + to enlarge) so you can see how my entries vs. the # of possibilities (sleeping 8 hrs a night is clearly a problem for me ;).  I have immediate feedback on what I’m entering…basically the more times I enter my food, the more steps I take, the more nights of 8 hours of sleep I get, the more vigorous exercise I do, the higher my chances of winning.   I started this week and  I’ve already found myself trying to get extra steps, etc just so I can get extra entries for the sweepstakes.  If I happen to win some money for it, GREAT!  If not, I’m on my way to a healthier lifestyle which is really the ultimate goal. For those of you needing some extra motivation to lose weight, this is a great way to stay motivated daily.


In addition to everything you get through KrowdFit, the first 12 people who join my Krew team will get a free entry into one of my ChiWalking or ChiRunning workshop.  As of today, there are 7 spots left.

Please make sure to join from my page or use the coupon code RUNNING when you join! (also email me at to let me know you’ve joined my team so I can keep an accurate headcount)

Email sent out to Get Fit members on 3/21:
Get Fit Members,
This is the first time in my business that I’ve associated with a weight loss product because I don’t believe in any of those magic pills, drinks, shakes, equipment, etc.
It’s called KrowdFit and there are awesome opportunities to win money just for going through the weight management process.  Part of your annual membership includes the BodyMedia Fit which almost covers the annual fee.  I’ve been wearing it for a few days now and I’m amazed at the data I can get from it.  I have to enter my food into the website (but I get sweepstake entries for this!) and it tracks sleep patterns and activity level.

 If you decide to sign up, please do it on my Krew website:  I decided to join as a Krew member because I believe this is the ultimate way to change your lifestyle forever.
 I will say in advance that it will require some work on your end and you’ll need some extra time to make this a priority because if you don’t use it in it’s full capacity, it will be a waste of money. So you have to want it bad enough.
 In addition to everything you get through KrowdFit with your membership, if you do decide to join my Krew team, I’ll have a secret facebook page for all my peeps AND the first 12 people that sign up with me will get a free ChiRunning or ChiWalking workshop!
Why am I giving away $1620?  Because that’s how much I believe that the KardioFit program along with learning how to walk/run injury free and effortlessly will change your life forever!  But again, you have to want it bad enough and be committed!
PS. If you decide to do this, please email me so I know you signed up.  Free entry into a workshop is contingent on the annual membership. If you cancel during the 30-day trial and attend a workshop during that time, you will owe me the cost of the workshop *:) happy
Always looking for new ways to change your life,
Lisa 😉
PS.  When you sign up, don’t forget to do it here…btw you can sign up to be a Krew member too!