KrowdFit: You Sweat, We Pay

I absolutely love being a Krowdfit Krew and Member! I’m really not big on monthly membership sites or network marketing but I love this one. Why?

  • It encourages me to stay focused on my overall wellness on a daily basis: tracking food, amount of sleep, number of steps and time spent working out.  I’ve been know to walk around my apartment in circles just to hit the next level of steps to get another sweepstakes entry!
  • It’s a sweepstakes so it’s not the person with the most who wins but consistency increases your chances!  You can win weekly, monthly or quarterly!
  • It’s cheap!  If you own a Fitbit, Misfit, Apple Watch or Garmin, it’s only $12.99/month ($15.99 for a Krew member).  They also offer an option to buy a fitness tracker through them which can be added to your monthly membership.
  • I won $5,500 since I joined in 3/2014 ($125 for logging food 2x, $250 for sleep and $5,000 for activity minutes).
Please email me at if you want to find out more information about it!  Or sign up here! (let me know if you sign up as I have a secret facebook group for our team as well!)
Since I joined in 2014, these are the winnings on my team (they redid this after a few of my winnings so my $5,000 and one of my $125 )