Ladies Training Program: Aravaipa Running’s Big Pine

Ladies 8-Week Technique Based Training Program
6k, 13K or 27K Trail (Day Race)
Aravaipa Running's Flagstaff Big Pine

Who is this program for?  This might be your first 6k, 13K or 27K on trail.  You are either a beginner runner or want to be a runner and consider yourself an underdog:  you’ll surely be too slow, or you are too old or too overweight to do this..…You will have 10 hours to finish the race which is PLENTY of time!  Especially after this training program!

If you are a more experienced runner, this might be your first trail.  You might want to find out what it’s like to work with a coach and supportive group of lades.  You might want to see how this program can improve your entire training and race experience.  You also might be a runner that was injured and want to get back to running safely under the guidance of a coach.

This is a comprehensive training plan that will get you to start line strong and healthy mentally and physically!  The goal is to have fun and complete your training and the race with no injuries!

Please note:  1st long run for the 13K is 4 miles and it’s 9 miles for the 27K in week 1 (4/16).  If you need an extra 30 days of training before this date, email me here!

Training programs starts on Monday 4/16/18 and is limited to 10 women.  There are 7 spots left.

Here is what you get:

  • Kickoff Party Sole Sports Tempe Shopping Day with 15% discount.  Meet & Greet, orientation and overview of the training program. Saturday 4/7 from 10-11am Value: 15% off shopping!
  • 4-Hour ChiRunning Workshop (or 2–Hour Refresher for Alumni)  You will learn proper running technique including posture, foot placement, arm swing, stride length, cadence.  Class includes video analysis of your current running form to learn to be as efficient as possible and less prone to injury. Technique makes a huge difference!
    • 4- Hour ChiRunning: Sunday 4/15 from 1130-330 Value: $135
    • ChRefresher (Alumni):  Saturday 4/7 from 1230-230 or Sunday 4/15 from 930-1130 (5 people in each) Value: $30
      (If you cannot attend these dates, you can attend another scheduled workshop/refresher)
  • ChiRunning 8 Week Training Plan: You will have a technique based training plan which will include technique tips and form focuses to practice on your weekly runs Value: $20-$35
  • Online Coaching via Final Surge I will customize the 8 week training plan to fit your work/workout schedule with UNLIMITED coaching support. See more details here.
    Value: $199 ($99/month X 2 months)
  • 9 Group Workout sessions We will meet weekly or bi weekly for 60-90 minutes. These may be more challenging workouts that are funner to do in a group (speed, hill workouts, long runs). If you cannot attend these, you are welcome to attend one of my track or running camp workouts that week to make up for it.
    • Dates: (click here for calendar)
      • Wed 4/18, 4/25, 5/2 from 630-730pm
      • Sat 5/12 from 7-830am (with half way social immediately following)
      • Sat 5/26 from 7-830am
      • Wed 5/30 from 630-8pm
    •  Workouts will be held in Tempe around the Papago Park area (times subject to change based on consensus of group)
      Value: $80 ($10/hr X 8 hrs) includes technique coaching!
  • Race Entry Value: $35-$65
  • Strength Training/Foam Rolling/Stretching Workouts You will have access to my workout library which includes routines specific for runners.  These include videos of how to perform the exercises in good form. Value: $40 Value
  • The Running University Shirts (new ones being designed!) Value: $20
  • Facebook Support Group a place to ask questions, share experiences and motivation as you are training
  • Weekly Motivational Emails Every Sunday you will receive an email with training and motivational tips for the upcoming week
  • Mid Program Social Event Get together after a weekly workout mid program (due to the camaraderie that will happen this may happen more than once!) Saturday 5/12 after group run
  • Webinars There will be a few webinars for program participants including Running for Weight Loss and others in regards to fueling, race strategy and preparation (not scheduled yet but the recording will be available after the live webinar)
  • While you are  program participant, you will get 20% off Track/Running Camp workouts and special pricing for private sessions.

Lodging and travel not included. We will discuss this at our kickoff and start working on a plan!

Get in before the payment increase on 3/17!
Non ChiRunners from $259 to $289
ChiRunners from $229 to $259

Payment Options

★ Ladies Training Program: Big Pine
Total value: $568Cost: $259 Buy Now
★ For ChiRunners (2 hour Refresher rather than full workshop):
Total value: $473Cost: $229 Buy Now



This was an excellent program on multiple levels. First, my workouts were planned for me. I didn’t have to think about when to add mileage or was just there for me. Second, the group workouts gave me the opportunity to get specific feedback about my form, which was one of the most beneficial parts of the program. Third, Lisa was always there via text or email to answer questions, give advice, or celebrate the many victories along the way.


I felt like you thought what was best for me, not canned comments/responses; Upbeat - you were always positive and encouraging ; Empowering - you shared knowledge and opinions with us, but ultimately left it up to us what we did with it - that was important to me because if I was only doing it for you or because I paid it would be hard to sustain post-race, but you helped me do it for me, I will (hopefully) carry this training forward.


Lisa, you coach women that want to run, it does not matter the experience, with you and ChiRunning, anybody can reach their desired goals and with fun and ease!


Thank you to all of the ladies in this group for this incredible experience! Yesterday, I ran way better than I thought I would for a 50k. I never even thought I would run farther than a half marathon in November, and was even thinking about quitting running all together. I would have never been able to run the way I did yesterday without each one of your help. Lisa Pozzoni, you are an amazing coach, you are so supportive while also pushing us to do our best. Your training plans were challenging but doable, and the accountability helped me get from an out-of-shape beginner to the ultra runner I am today. There is no way I could have done this without your incredible coaching skills. You are also a great friend, and I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into this program.

Rachel B

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