Track Workout for Walkers & Runners- Women Only

ALL LEVELS of walkers and runners welcome! You do the workout at your own pace. Non-competitive training for the recreational athlete. WOMEN ONLY -

First time is FREE!

When: Every Thursday morning from 5:15-6:15am
Where: Dobson High Track

These are a great way to change up your regular walking or running routine. Every session will be different and fun. These workouts will push you a bit out of your comfort zone but will burn more calories and give you a good variety.

Coaching on form included.
Option: Timed mile on the 1st Thursday of every month

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** First time? Please complete this waiver and bring to class: TheRunningUniversity-waiver.pdf

Payment Options

★ 1 Session (purchased individually)
$15 Buy Now
★ Monthly (4 Sessions)
$40 Buy Now
★ Month of Track + Camp (8 sessions of Track and Running Camp)
$65 Buy Now


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