Prepping for my 1st 50K-4 days to go

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I figured I would share a few short posts before Saturday to let you know what I’m doing this week to prep for my 1st 50K.  Would love to hear from you as well…share any suggestions you have for me via comments below!  I appreciate them!  As of right now, I’m very excited and can’t wait until Saturday.  I’m confident in my training and ready for it!

Here are some more specific things I’m doing:

  • Making it a point to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night if my body lets me 😉
  • Drinking lots of water and avoiding foods/drinks that dehydrate me.  I almost had a 2nd double espresso yesterday and didn’t…almost had a beer last night but decided to save that for Running for Brews tonight (it is my Birthday Eve 😉 )
  • Trying to focus on good nutrition and carbing up… I know I’ll be cheating a bit tomorrow. After Wednesday, I’m planning on eating the regular foods I eat before big my races days which are quinoa, grits, baked potatoes, oatmeal and pasta.
  • I took a Gentle Restorative Yoga class on Saturday
  • I belong to a Facebook group called Trail and Ultra Running and ironically someone posed this question yesterday: If you could give only ONE piece of advice to a new ultra runner, what would it be?  Here are some of the comments that made sense for me at this point being 4 days away:   Get calories every hour; Start out very, very slow; Walk (I’ll be ChiWalking when needed for sure!); Don’t think so much about getting to the finish line…when you’re out on the trails, enjoy being where you are, the scenery, the challenge, the other runners, the ability to be alone with yourself, etc.; Understand the difference between running and racing; Sleep, sleep, sleep….the week leading up to your event! Be fully rested. ; smile ; If you think your running too fast,you are; 1. Eat before you’re hungry 2. Drink before you’re thirsty 3. Walk before you’re tired  4. Don’t give up until you’ve crossed the finish line; Don’t start it’s addictive (this one made me laugh because I know it’s so true); Encourage your fellow runners along the way, thank your volunteers, and smile at the crowd (if there is one). The spiritual lift you’ll get from smiling and thanking and motivating will do your heart/mind/body good, as well as lifting up those around you.
  • Today I walk/ran 5 miles and will be doing another 3 at Running for Brews.  Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll walk a bit but nothing crazy.

Please let me know if you have any other advice for this week or race day!  Thanks in advance!


From My Running Story to Yours….
(if you feel inspired to share your comments, do so below…I want to hear your story too!)

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  1. Some advice which you’ll probably ignore but maybe not:

    Don’t try to “reinvent yourself” with 4 days to go. Eat normal. You know what works for you. Everyone has their “secret formula” and you likely do too. Stick to what works.

    Be prepared for the longest time you’ll ever spend running. Put no pressure on yourself and that means leave the GPS at home. Fortunately these guys don’t provide mile markers. Pace means nothing in technical trail running. Be pleasantly surprised when you first see the finish line. It’s a rush!

    Finding a runner to talk to during a race is a rare pleasure. I talk about the Aavaipa events, other races, the weather, the course, etc. Avoid making assumptions when you comment on another runner’s race. Don’t assume that a runner is hurt, race walking, suffering, etc. Everyone has their own style and agenda. A simple “how’s it going” is good. let them tell you what THEY want to tell you,

    Have a good race, finish, and NO EXCUSES!

  2. It sounds like you are approaching the run with deep-rooted confidence. When I am nearing a milestone race, I like to think “The hard work of training is all done and now I get to go out and enjoy the day!”
    Best wishes to you! I look forward to reading your post run report.

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