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OMG!  The coolest thing happened to me yesterday! I won $5,000!  Not only is this the first time I’ve ever won this amount of money but the way I did it is even more ridiculous!

I won!

I won!

Several people questioned me when I became a Krew member for the Krowd Fit program, wandering about their legitimacy and whether or not it would be worth it. Well, I’m living proof to say that it is worth it!

A trainer friend of mine turned me on to it and I’ll admit, I was skeptical. She told me about it January and it wasn’t until March that I finally signed up.  I’m always leary of any multi-level marketing type product and have sworn that I would never get involved with one.

But this seemed to be different. After reading every page on the website and emailing the CEO, James Miller (who by the way responded to me immediately and even talked to me on the phone), I decided this was a system I could stand behind.

BOTTOM LINE:  Wear my Body Media Fit every day and do as many things as possible to stay healthy (and lose weight), log in daily, get sweepstakes entries (the more steps and vigorous activity I get, the more entries!) and rest is “luck”.  I say that in quotes because luck has some to do with it since we are all in a “pool” but I have a little control over it by doing more than what “they” are doing (you can compare yourself to the rest of the population as you enter your info).

Screen shot of how I'm comparing to the "others" which really motivates me!

Screen shot of how I’m comparing to the “others” which really motivates me!

Not only have I won $5,000 but 2 of my team members won $125 each for getting 8 hours of sleep a night!

I joined and started my team at the end of March and this has all happened in 2 months time.

Of course I love the money but the biggest reason I decided to be a Krew member is because I believe this to be a very effective way to get people to change their lifestyle to lose weight…and hey, if you could possibly win some money for it, better yet!

I remember one day I was logging my info at the end of the day and I was at 9988 steps.  You get a sweepstakes entry for every 5,000 steps (up to 20,000 steps). What did I do?  I logged out, put my Body Media Fit back on and walked around a little bit to make my 10,000 steps for an extra entry.

The catch?  Not really any catches….it’s a monthly membership of $19.99 to be a member and $29.99 to be a Krew member (people sign up under me and I get compensated based on the number of people.  This is a great option for anyone in the health and wellness field).

The pros:  You get quite a bit for that $19.99 a month, including the Body Media Fit (similar to the one used by the Biggest Loser), lots of info for members, a secret facebook page if you are signed up under me, and the possibility of winning anywhere from $125-$5000 on a monthly-quarterly basis if you use it.  Pretty simple, right?!

The cons: the armband is not the most fashionable thing in the world but I’ve chose not to wear it if it doesn’t go with my outfit or I just don’t feel like it.  You basically have a choice to wear it but I wouldn’t take it off if you are working out and getting activity points and steps.  (I don’t wear it to sleep because it keeps telling me I’m not sleeping enough and that annoyed me so I’ve chosen not to win that sweepstakes ever!).  You also have to be diligent and log your info in every day.  It doesn’t take me that long at all but it is a daily part of my routine and I just do it.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, when I started promoting this, I said the first 12 people who signed up under me, could come to one of my ChiRunning or ChiWalking workshops ($135 value) for free because that’s how much I believe in it.   As of right now on 5/27/14, I have 5 team members and there are still 7 free spots left!

How do you sign up?  First, I’d want you to read more about it. Click here to check out their website and get info.  Once you have decided to join my team, you must sign up on this page so I get credit. As soon as you do, email me at easyfitnesssolutions@yahoo.com. If you think you can get 6 people to join you, you should sign up as a KREW member (once you get 6 people, your $29.99 membership is free)

No pressure at all but if you are in the weight loss process and need some motivation, this is a genius way to get you started and start changing your habits for life!

P.S. You can read a few more of my experiences, info on my website. Click here.

I really don’t know the odds but in 2 months, 3 out of 6 of us, won something!

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