ChiWalking Workshops

ChiWalking for Weight Loss
Thought you knew how to walk? Of all the forms of exercise, none are more popular than walking. Most people don’t’ consider learning how to move their body properly. Despite this explosion, there is very little instruction available on how to walk properly. Enter ChiWalking!
During this class you will optimize your walking workout with 5 easy steps.
Chi Walking teaches you the best walking technique to be able to walk farther with greater ease. You’ll learn to walk tall, with a light step to reduce stress and strain on muscles, ligaments and joints. You’ll learn how to avoid the injuries that quickly derail any fitness program.
Class is a cross between instruction and a walking workout. You will also receive tips on how to effectively use walking for weight loss.

ChiWalking for Gratitude
Same as above.  Since we are approaching Thanksgiving, I will lead you through a Gratitude Walk! If you’ve already taken the instructional class above, you can come from 12-1pm for the Gratitude Walk for $10.

ChiWalking for Stress Relief
Same as above.  Since we tend to get a little stressed out during the holiday season, I will lead you through a Calming and Grounding Walk. If you’ve already taken the instructional class above, you can come from 2:30-3:30pm for the Calming & Grounding Walk for $10.
When: 12/17 from 1-3:30pm
Where: Evelyn Hallman Park
$25 before event, $35 drop in


BONUS: Become part of my ChiWalking online community where you can connect with other people in your area. Facts show you are more likely to stick to an exercise program when you do it with friends!

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