ChiWalking Workshops

ChiRunning/ChiWalking Online Video Analysis
The video does not lie! There is a love/hate relationship with video analysis but it’s the best way to see exactly how your body is moving and figure out what you need to do to improve your running or walking technique.  You will send me a video online, I will review it on Coach’s Eye , and then send it back to you with specific feedback on your running or walking form.  You will have a video copy of your running analysis with my voiceover comments. Email me at and click on one of the links below to pay.
(Alumni $25)

Click here to get directions on how to complete your video analysis.

ChiRunning/ChiWalking: Posture, Core & Practice
1.5 hours/ 1 of 2
Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking?  The benefits of good posture are endless: decreases normal wear and tear on your joints; decreases stress on the ligaments holding your spine and joints together ; keeps bones and joints in correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly, minimizing joint stress; prevents the spine/joints from becoming fixed in abnormal positions so you avoid backaches, muscular pain, strain and overuse problems; prevents fatigue because muscles are being used more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy. The list goes on and on…
Good posture involves training your body to do everyday functions (sit, stand, walk, run)  where the least amount of strain is placed on muscles and ligaments.
During this session you will learn how to sit, stand, walk and run with good posture. Since good posture requires strong stability muscles (core/glute), we will complete an  exercise routine that you can do at home (handout included) and we will spend some time walking and running in good posture (and bad posture to make sure you can feel the difference!) We will also review body looseners.

ChiWalking: Moving Forward
1.5 hours/ 2 of 2
Now that you are walking with good posture, we will add the rest of your body so you can walk as efficiently as possible.  We will quickly review the posture lesson.  Then we will add the 3 different arms swings,  how to use a metronome and cadence to adjust your walking speed and how to relax your lower legs and pelvis for maximum efficiency. We will practice ChiWalking so you have the muscle memory to feel it in your body and can take it with you. We will also discuss the 12 different ChiWalks offered via the ChiWalking matrix and how you can apply them to your walking program.